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Free Ticket – Truth in Advertising?

How many times do we see “Free Tickets” to try an entice us into something we may or may not really be interested in (marketing ;)…LOVE this…  

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33 Ways to Stay Creative

Came across this via Tumblr the other day…thought it was worth sharing!

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Infographic: Apple’s cash reserves.

Apple now has almost $100 billion in cash reserves, and that’s over and above the wealth stored in their company, patents, building ownership etc. Just $100 billion to throw around. This graphic came from MBA Online, click here to see … more

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Happy 5th Birthday to CTDM!

Today, Chip Thompson Design & Marketing, Inc. turns FIVE! The old adage suggests that if your business can last five years, it has “made” it. As I look back, it’s cool to see how the business has evolved. I believe … more

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Chip Thompson Design & Marketing Awarded Together, Inc. Project

We’re super excited to be working with Together, Inc. on a brand new website and logo! These folks are instrumental in homelessness prevention here in the Omaha metro. Stay tuned for their new site!

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Being Creative Is Awesome

I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction in what I do for a living, and I’m humbled that I get to do it for a living. I ran across this list recently that, while intended to be humorous, does give … more

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Welcome to Our New Site

Designing for yourself is always difficult…and to create this new site, I employed some of the same principles I use when assisting clients with a design (putting myself on the other side of the table). I wanted the site to … more

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